The Best Affordable Electric Shaver

My husband had been looking for the best electric shaver. He’d been using his old one for years, but it just wasn’t functioning as well as it used to. He complained that it was tugging on his whiskers, which was causing redness and irritation. Since he was up for a promotion, he wanted to look his best for work. It was time to toss the old one in the trash, and search online for the best electric shaver. My husband settled on the Philips Norelco. He waited for it to arrive in the mail. The test would be whether he had made the right decision from reading online the Philips Norelco 1160X/42 SensoTouch 2D Review.

The Philips Norelco 1160X/42 is a rotary style cordless shaver. It has a dark black and blue casing, with orange stripes. The Norelco was pretty affordable at around $119, particularly since it comes with its own charging and cleaning unit. Usually comparable types are over $200. The Philips Norelco features patented technology. Its two-dimensional contouring system allows you to shave around every angle and edge of your face smoothly and quickly. The rotary style blades provide a smooth flat surface to move against your skin. This shaver is suitable for all types of skin. You can use the Philips Norelco wet or dry. If you prefer to shave in the shower its Aquatec casing will protect the insides. You can also shave with soap, lotion, foams, and gels, as it’s fully washable. The shaver has a non-slip grip handle, so you won’t drop your shaver in the sink or shower. In the box is also a Jet Clean system which you can use about once every two weeks. You simply place the shaver in the stand, and it will automatically clean, lubricate, and dry your shaver. After those functions are done, it will charge it up, and be ready to go for the next day. One full charge will last for fifty minutes of shaving time. This adds up to about seventeen shaves, which is plenty for a couple of week’s time. An included precision trimmer will enable you to accurately trim around sideburns, mustache, and beard. This electric shaver is the best for travel as you can adjust the voltage from 100 volts to 240 volts. Don’t forget to bring plug converters though, so it will fit international outlets. For trips of less than two weeks you won’t need to worry about it. Philips backs its electric shavers with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Overall, my husband enjoys his Philips Norelco 1160X/42, and likes it very much. He felt the online shopping experience made purchasing an easy decision. Often when you’re in a brick and mortar store you’re forced to buy immediately, or to walk away. With online shopping you can carefully evaluate each brand and model. Now that my husband is enjoying his new Philips Norelco, I may check out what they have for the ladies.


Dropcam Pro Wifi Video Baby Monitor Review

I have read a number of reviews concerning this Baby Monitor and I have decided to add my own opinion with regard to the camera and the service offered with it. I found a dropcam review on Baby Monitor Ninja searching for baby monitor reviews.

First of all, I believe the price is competitive. $200 for a product that records in Full HD and can be used as a Baby Monitor, looks like a fair offering, especially when you look at it as  long term investment. The looks of the monitor and the build quality certainly stand out, especially when you compare it with what the competition has, which is mostly cheap plastic and – depending on the particular item – lower specifications.

Setting it up requires no more than a few clicks if you’re on a computer or own an iOS device, which makes it a great choice for the ones who aren’t technology specialists. The baby monitor can also be secured via a password, so there is a sense of security involved, which also applies to the cloud storage option, but more on that later. Placing it neatly in the corner of a room or whenever you consider it suitable is able to provide you with great coverage of the area. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical regarding the overall quality of the footage, as I had other surprises in the past when products didn’t live up to the expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only is the quality very good, but the details are sharp and the night-time surveillance feature is outstanding!

The fact that you are able to stay connected while not physically present in the house is a great thing. One of the features I most appreciate is the on-the-go alerts. For example, if there’s a suspicious activity inside your home, the camera, based on the audio and motion sensors, will send you both a picture and an alert notifying you that something is not right. For me, that is extremely useful, especially if you have things of particular value in the house.

Moreover, one of the things with which I was confronted when reading about the Dropcam Pro were the complaints about the video surveillance and cloud storage system. While I understand that as a customer, you have the right to state your opinion, I don’t see why there are so many critiques to the fact that the makers of baby monitor require a subscription in order to have the videos recorded and saved online. I have read the product’s description very carefully and the subscription fees for the recording service are clearly laid out for everyone to see. There are no hidden costs other than the ones mentioned there, so this makes me wonder if the buyers have simply clicked on “Buy” rather than reading all the conditions that come with the product.

For saving 7 days of videos you have to pay $99 a year – which is not a lot by any means, especially if you look at the monthly cost of $9.95. You spend a lot more on coffee per month so I clearly do not see the issue with this. The second, larger offer, gives you the chance of having 30 days of video recording saved in the cloud for $299 a year. A brief analysis of the situation will simply reiterate what I said earlier – a person who is able to spend 200$ for the product will most definitely afford the subscription fees associated with it, especially if that feature is needed. I would kindly suggest to those who have bought or who wish to buy this Baby monitor to read both the item’s description and the service associated with it more attentive, as this will certainly help with the decision of purchasing the product or not and, most important of all, will avoid any potential complaints.

All in all, I would say that I’m pleased with the product, as it is better than I expected it to be, concerning the video quality and the alert features and I would definitely recommend it to those who might need the features it offers. For those of you who aren’t convinced yet, I suggest you give it a try, as I have, despite the complaints, and see for yourself what this camera has to offer!

business travel

Why I like going on a Business Trips to a Different Country

Among the most enriching experiences I have had in my professional life are those I have had while traveling overseas. I enjoy business travel, first, because it gives me insight into international consumers’ opinions, attitudes, needs and wants.

You can learn a lot about overseas consumers through research and surveys, teleconferences and videos, pictures and reports – but you don’t really see the whole picture until you have traveled abroad and witnessed the environments and interactions of your international partners in person. For instance, I had seen pictures of Romania in the past, and I had admired the handcrafted work of its traditional craftsmen, but until I visited the country myself, I did not realize the extent of its natural beauty or the diversity of its businesses.

Pictures of the Danube cannot capture its earthy smell, a smell that helps transport you back in time – especially when you are beside one of Romania’s traditional villages. But while Romania’s strong links to the past make it a charming destination to visit, I was most impressed by its thriving industry and rapid development. Its reputation as an automobile manufacturer is growing with the innovations and beautiful styling of Dacia’s newest models.
In addition to gaining insight into the needs and desires of international partners, traveling abroad has allowed me to draw inspiration from businesses and consumers abroad that have helped me formulate ideas on improving business at home.

While American businesses tend to focus on cutting-edge technology and aim to make their products appear as cutting-edge as possible, I was captivated by the charm of Romania’s old-fashioned markets and traditional wares. On a visit to Maramures County, I had the chance to see locals dressed in hand-stitched folk costumes and to visit markets full of meats, cheeses, flowers and crafts. These things made a greater impression on me than many of the advertisements I have seen at home and it inspired me to try to combine the traditional with the modern while at home.

Traveling abroad has also benefited me personally. Exposure to new cultures and traditions has given me an increased understanding of world history and of international relationships. It has helped me grow as a person, opening my mind to new ideas and giving me a greater appreciation not only for other countries, but also of the rich cultural influences that have helped shape my country.

One of the experiences that really made an impression on me was a stop I made at a McDonalds in Russia. I was surprised – perhaps shocked – when the locals began folk dancing as I waited in line – right inside the building. Such things rarely happen in America. Most of us are too reserved or we feel that we must respect the space of those around us, so we try to keep to ourselves. But I was so charmed by the dance that I asked and was permitted to join in. I was surprised at how quickly dancing with others made me warm to them and them to me. That day I formed lasting friendships that I would not otherwise have developed and it made me look at my own culture from another perspective.


What’s It Like To Be A Woman Entrepreneur

Almost all women who join or work at any organization has the ultimate goal of stepping up the ladder. But if you will notice, majority of corporate leaders are still comprised of men. Although the idea of gender-equality is now recognized in most countries around the world, there are still challenges that hinder women’s success in the corporate world. Several women resorted to establishing their own companies hoping to earn more, be successful, and get recognized. But the challenges of women entrepreneurs remain. Oftentimes, they are even greater than those faced by female corporate employees.

The Challenges that Women Entrepreneurs Face

Want to know what’s it like to become a female boss or entrepreneur? Aside from the inherent tasks of her career, she is usually challenged by the following concerns:

  • Attention dilemma between family and business. Dividing attention between family and business affairs is one of the concerns which can never be eliminated. Although societies have become more liberal, women have family obligations they can never set aside. For example: when a female entrepreneur needs to rest due to pregnancy, it means major or total withdrawal from business affairs.
  • Business decisions influenced by emotions. In business, you will constantly need to make quick and firm decisions based on pure facts and strategies. But everyone must admit, emotions will likely play a role in women’s decision-making process.
  • Fear of failure and success. Another challenge faced by women entrepreneurs and leaders is the fear of failure and success. Fear of failure is usually experienced by starters while those who are already doing well might hesitate to welcome success since it means more and bigger problems or challenges to come.
  • Lack of support from both male and female business leaders. The social stigma and notion that women are less capable than men still do exist. This, together with several other factors makes it more difficult for women entrepreneurs to gain support from male including female business leaders.
  • Lack of funding to start or for growth. As a result of the failure to gain support, women entrepreneurs struggle in searching funds to start up or to expand and grow their existing business.

There are several other challenges. The above mentioned list only presents the most common and largest concerns.

The Internet: A More Level Playing Field


If women entrepreneurs still experience several challenges when it comes to conventional business, there’s a different story when doing business online. The internet has become the solution for most of their concerns by providing a level playing field not only for men and women but to all business hopefuls.

Women engaged in e-commerce or any type of online business freely manage their time. All online industries and opportunities are open to all who are interested whether male or females. There are several successful online entrepreneurs who are always willing to offer help and support. Everyone can always retry their luck when suddenly met by failure. Success will usually just require you to multiply or scale up the efforts and secret tactics you have discovered. And of course, the cost of starting a business online is extremely cheap.

What female entrepreneurs need to learn today?

Obviously, societies are still not perfect and the challenges for women entrepreneurs will persist for years if not decades. But if you can’t get rid of these challenges, your next best option is to adapt. To be successful in business whether online or offline, female entrepreneurs need to learn to: make effective use of their existing connections, capitalize on their interests and skills, be more creative, search for untapped opportunities and markets where they can outperform others, be more confident and decisive, and look up to good role models.